Job offers [RnD, compilers, PLT, systems] are welcome

The time has come for me to work in Europe again.

For the last couple of years I was residing in Poland and France, but my main occupation was reforming a curriculum for system architects in ITMO university in St.-Petersburg, Russia. Our idea was to create a novel curriculum in Computer Science and Engineering tying together the science of complex systems, programming, computer system architecture and strong mathematical foundations. Quite a task if you ask me! The works connecting complex systems and software/system engineering are quite scarce at the moment.

We were lucky to start to assemble a great team of young and more seasoned professionals, passionate and smart students. The level of education went up considerably, we have provided a vision and clearer goals towards a unique curriculum. Sadly, due to the war I have to limit my engagement in this project and hence I am looking for a work to hone my hard skills.

I am looking for a job in Warsaw, France (remotely) or anywhere in EU (also remotely, or mostly). My main area of interests includes compilers, programming language theory, formal semantics, programming language design, system design. I like problems related to organizing code, systems, I know and understand the low level reasonably well (and have even written a book about it). I would love to do some R&D requiring some interesting mathematics and writing code. I do love maths and studying – the big part of my life problems were consequences of poor work/life balance, but thankfully this part is past me.

I have studied in ITMO university and Academic University of Saint-Petersburg. Then I have done research in IMT atlantique in Nantes, where I was proving correctness of some refactorings of the C language formally, using the formal semantics of CompCert verified C compiler.

[my CV]

Write me a mail if you have a project where I could be of a use.