My name is Igor Zhirkov, you may encounter me in Nantes, Warsaw, or St.Petersburg.

Keywords: PhD student, Computer Science, programmer, musician, writer.

I am interested in maths, programming, programming languages, automated theorem proving, and system design. I have written a book about low-level programming for my students; this is a slightly outdated version of the class I was teaching in ITMO university in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Currently, I am working on compiler optimizations in Matter Labs.

As for music, I am an amateur pianist. My preferences are baroque and late-romantic music, jazz, progressive rock, and various types of electronic music.

Feel free to drop me a line by mail or in telegram. English, French, German, and Russian are accepted.

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Revolut: @igorjirkov

This blog is named after my friend Mr. Duck. He is a snobbish, intellectual, and slightly misanthropic.